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Crítica de Rats, en el Buenos Aires Herald, por Alfredo Cernadas

Rats: attractive and bizarre

By Alfredo Cernadas
For The Herald
Actor-director and dramatist Sebastián Kirszner is a versatile man of the theatre who can delve in the most unexpected and bizarre subjects, such as Rats, an amusing, unexpected story about rodents, of all things. Thespian rodents, at that.
Their story began in 2002, during the dramatic times when BA was pillaged by angry citizens who stole whatever they needed and did not need. Among such menagerie, there was a group of six rats, who hid under a huge refrigerator in the San Ratín Theatre Complex (an obvious joke about the San Martín complex).
A pillager has stolen a TV set and, in his haste to leave, drops it on the fridge, a short circuit ensues, the rats acquire an acting gift, and they suddenly become “ractors” and “ratcresses.”
Their idea is to interrupt the performance of Romeo and Juliet, which the cast upstairs perform evey night. Then a sort of new world begins to exist, with ranks and rules an even their own music and songs. The result is an unexpected, attractive and bizarre entertainment with song and dance funnily performed by an evenly matched cast and an eloquent musician and guitarist: Daniel Ibarra, who also composed the music. Funny costumes by Mariela Rey, set and masks by Malena Bernardi.
Where & When
At La Tertulia (Gallo 826. Tel: 4865 0303). Friday 8.30pm.

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